About FESA

The Faculty of Education Students’ Association is a student council consisting of Faculty of Education students that serve as support for Faculty of Education students, as well as providing a buffer between the Faculty and their students, as well as the ‘working world.’ The council also provides services such as holding conferences, workshops, selling merchandise (including but not limited to Faculty of Ed merchandise, as well as academic resources), and coordinating outside resources (Tribes, etc) and its very own newsletter which thrives on Faculty of Education students’ contribution.

Weekly Hours

Contact FESA:

116 Winters College

Phone Number: 416-736-2100 ex. 88779
Email: student-information-directors@edu.yorku.ca
Sharepoint: http://sharepoint.edu.yorku.ca/sites/fedstudents/
Website: http://edu.yorku.ca/FESA

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FESAYork

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FESAYork